*Any Karat of Solid Jewelry

*Yellow Dental Gold

*US and Foreign Gold Coins/Bullion

*Gold Watches Pocket/Wrist



*Sterling Silver Jewelry and Flatware

  (MUST be Marked and Pass Our Test)

*Silver Coins

  (Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars        1964 and Earlier)

  (Half Dollars 1965 to 1970)

*US and Foreign Silver Coins/Bullion


*Solid Jewelry

*US and Foreign Platinum Coins/Bullion


*We will pay extra for Quality diamonds that are half a carat on up

*Anything under half a carat we will pay you their weight in the precious metal that they are set into

Unsure if your items are real or fake? Bring them into the store and find out.  It's Fast, Friendly, and Free to do.  It is always better to have it looked at before you discard it.